Truly tailored to your own needs, aims and goals; your personal trainer will deliver
everything you need in a workout to really achieve your desired outcome. For some this means simply losing weight and toning up, whilst for others it means improving fitness levels or even running a marathon.

Your specially developed programme is delivered on a one to one basis following an in-depth evaluation of your needs. Continuous monitoring ensures that, as a unique relationship develops between you and your chosen trainer, we maximise the benefits achieved.

Scores of our clients swear by its benefits:

  • Indepth evaluation of your needs
  • Advice and development of exercise plan
  • Training and guidance on correct techniques
  • Motivation by personal training partner
  • Continuous monitoring and appraisal
  • Maximum benefits – minimum time

Each one of our personal training instructors is fully qualified with the skill and
focus needed to develop and achieve maximum results.